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Hub Management Group
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Our Company & Approach

Hub Management group was formed by a group of former executives who have already spent over 15 years in the distressed advisory services business. Although our team has worked on companies up to $1b in revenues, we primarily focus on retail and manufacturing companies with revenues of $500m and smaller.

At HMG we hate the word “consultant”, it is not indicative of our culture. Our group saw the need for a new kind of firm that does not simply direct from the sidelines but rolls up their sleeves and demonstrates/leads execution alongside management. One of our major “bragging points” is how many times we have replaced other firms including many of the “big 5”; quite often, the lenders we work for, engage us to follow-up on other consulting teams they have deployed. This is not a criticism of those firms, it simply demonstrates a nuance we bring to this profession that others do not have. By choice we are considered a “boutique” firm; we do not try to manage hundreds of consultants. We have a small team of KNOWN performers who have been together running and working on businesses for over 20 years.

Great companies have strong management cultures. Our principals are trained in culture based management as well as change management. We work to rehabilitate management teams and build a culture of performance that lasts long after our associates depart the project. A lot of “consulting” firms tell you everything you already know. At HMG we strive to help you and your stakeholders understand the unknowns that are affecting the business. We address the fractures that cause even the best teams to fail with their turnaround efforts. Then, hand-in-hand we create practical solutions that deliver tangible, accountable results. In troubled efforts, strategy and skill are useless unless it turns into solid execution.